Of the New York’s five boroughs, our good ol’ Brooklyn is the most populous and second in size behind Queens. A 10 minutes train ride in any direction and the scenery, people and culture will more than likely change due to the ethnic group that has taken over that piece of the borough. Immigrants from such destinations around the world like Poland, Russia, Ireland, Italy, China and Israel have enriched Brooklyn with their own unique flavor and vibrant personality, making this place so unique and special. Brooklyn various architecture range from industrial warehouse to traditional brownstone including victorian houses or castle-like armory which make this destination truly a “must shot” the next time you make your way to New York. So when planning a vacation to the Big Apple, save a little time to travel across the Brooklyn, Manhattan or Williamsburg bridge (aka “B.M.W.”), to take in and snap all that Brooklyn has to offer neighborhood by neighborhood.

Visit amazing places like: Brooklyn Bridge Park, DUMBO, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Brooklyn Heights

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Behind the camera you will find a young professional in the Art of Photography. Since my young age I happened to be very attracted to the creative process expressed in arts. Failing to be a ballet dancer at 5, a poet at 10, a musician at 15, a writer at 20 I ultimately left the country at 25. During an incredible year long trip through Europe and Asia, I found my medium. I could finally express feelings through the lens of my camera.

Looking closely it actually made total sense: I have always loved it. Snapping ephemeral moments, translating an instant story into an image, slowly turned into a passion that I can now practice in New York City, one of the most inspiring cities in the world. Never going out without some sort of camera in my purse, I wander around the world guided by the blind impulse of an unexpected scenic view, a mysterious light, a twisted building, the magic of discovery, always learning.

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