Canary Islands

Canary Islands

On a relatively small area, the Canary Islands offer an incredibly diverse range of natural beauty. These islands of volcanic origin do not only abound with breathtaking moon-like landscapes, but also with sand dunes, beaches with both white and black sand, and palm oases. If you are willing to work up a little bit of sweat and, besides lying on the beach, you take advantage of some of the hiking trails and explore the surroundings, the islands will reward you with magnificent views of wild sea cliffs as well as with panoramic views from the volcanoes' summits over the surrounding landscape. Furthermore, you can look forward to spectacular views of the inside of the craters, a valley, a flowering meadow, a plateau, but also goat shelters set along the trails. The location in the Atlantic Ocean off the African coast guarantees a pleasant climate throughout the whole year.

85 BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS. Let us guide you through 7 amazing islands: Tenerife, Grand Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, La Gomera, La Graciosa,

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Středa Pepa

Czech Republic

A travel photographer, publisher (mainly of mountains and landscapes wall calenders) and image editor. He was born on April Fools' day in 1964, in Prague. His freelance career allowed him to move from Prague to the rocky region of Kokořínsko. After he ended his softball career in 1997, he began to travel and take photographs.

He shoots both digitally and with film, prefers a panoramic medium-format camera (Noblex PRO 6/150 F with a rotating lens and a slide format of 50x120 mm). Due to its quality and perspective, it is a perfect solution for capturing mountains and landscapes, which are the author's favorite genres. He has had several exhibitions of his panoramas: Tibet, New Zealand, Ireland, Bolivia, Thailand, the Canary Islands, Slovakia, Czech, Mountains, Panoramic World, and he participated in many other exhibitions (for example with the Czech association “Panhorama”).

Motto: “A little bit more vast landscape...I love vast views into the open landscape, therefore, I constantly have to hike somewhere. I never get tired of a view from above. I love to have my “weird” device with me (most people can't even tell it's a camera) and capture the landscape as it is, naturally as a whole, panoramatically.“

He has created a rich collection of unconventional images of Prague – from the top of construction cranes, scaffoldings, in other words, from unique places. Besides landscapes, he also commercially shoots constructions, architecture and documentary.

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