Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) is undoubtedly the most famous Czech spa town. The town located in the west of the Czech Republic was founded by the Czech king and holy Roman emperor Charles IV after his hunting party accidentally discovered the local thermal springs. The city is also well renowned for its international film festival, where you can meet famous film actors and actresses every year. Come to admire amazing 19th-century spa architecture, taste the health-restoring sulphurous waters and enjoy a unique movie atmosphere.

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Ladislav Hycka

Czech Republic

Ladislav Hyčka was born and to this day lives in the town of Ostrov near Karlovy Vary. He is a cameraman and a photography enthusiast who appreciates more the expressive value rather than the technical perfection of an image. When he doesn’t have a camera at hand, he is not afraid to pull out his phone because a photographer usually has only one attempt to capture the right moment.

Since his youth, he has been interested in both photography and video. He preferred to use old analog cameras such as Praktica, on which he learned to use manual settings and because of the limited number of frames on a film roll, he learned to think about each shot before he pulled the trigger. With the arrival of the digital era and especially the boom of smart phones, he fell in love with compactibility and put his camera aside for a while and took most pictures with his phone.

After graduating the Industrial High School in Ostrov, he followed his dream and started studying cinematography at the Film Academy in Písek, where he could fully immerse in photography and video making. He successfully graduated in 2007 and started working as a cameraman for a local TV station and later for the nationwide TV station TV Prima as a regional cameraman for the Karlovy Vary region.

In his free time he enjoys traveling and taking pictures of anything interesting that catches his eye along his travels. Even though Karlovy Vary is not his hometown, he has spent a lot of time here and has many memorable moments. That is why he decided to guide you through the most interesting places in Karlovy Vary.

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