Eastern Coast of Australia

Eastern Coast of Australia

Australia is an extremely varied, vast and sparsely populated country. You would need months if not years to explore all of it. This guide focuses on the eastern coast and interior with the famous Uluru Mountain. You will need three to four weeks to visit the country’s largest cities including Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Blue Mountains, the largest mountain range with its Jenolan cave complex, the magnificent Barrier Reef on the eastern coast, magical Ayers Rock and Olgas in the parched interior and the stunning rainforest in the northeastern Cairns.

The most efficient way to travel in Australia is by car and plane to cover the vast distances between the destinations. This guide offers several itineraries with tips for photographers, accommodation, restaurants and other practical recommendations.


Guide map: Eastern Coast of Australia

Ježková Adéla

Czech Republic

Non-professional photographer, contemporary art propagator, theatre specialist, Czech language lecturer, Prague tour guide and mobile photography workshop lecturer. Adéla was born in Prague, charming city in the "Heart of Europe".

Adéla is for more than 15 years co-owner of Malá Šárka Gallery, which is promoting czech talented artists not only in the Czech Republic but also far abroad. (China, Japan, USA...) She loves to travel and of course to take photos while travelling. The most favourite places she had already visited are: Australia, Norway, USA, South Korea, France...

For more than year, Adéla organises Mobile photography workshops for those, who would love to take better photos with their smartphones. She is also co-founder of, Czech Instagram community, which is trying to improve the quality of photos posted on Instagram and write about all interesting things around mobile photography.

Full version of the guide includes 12 additional photos.