Enchanting Prague

Enchanting Prague

Prague is an amazing historic city in the heart of Europe and will enchant you at first sight with its stunning architecture. Walking in the historic center of Prague is like a crash course in architecture history. The winding streets of the Old Town will be like a trip in time through spanning the gothic, renaissance, baroque and more. The beautiful Prague Castle and famous Charles Bridge will amaze you with their splendor. In Prague, apply nicked-named "The City of a Hundred Spires", you will really find over a hundred towers and spires, but also beautiful palace gardens and parks, renowned beer and charming cafes. Its beauty can be admired from many view points, which you can find in this guide, and where you can enjoy the view of the red roofs of the Lesser Town or Prague bridges on the Vltava river. The city is a true paradise on earth, a wonderland for all lovers of classical music and arts, who can choose from countless concerts and art galleries. The author of this guide will also give personal tips for good restaurants and bars.

This Guide will take you through Prague's famous sights like Charles Bridge, Old Town Square or Prague Castle. It shows you a great lookout points where you will see Prague, its towers and bridges in all its beauty. It recommends museums, restaurants and bars. The Guide do not forget about the practical information: transport, Czech cuisine or equipment for photographers.

Be inspired by 50 beautiful photographs! The author will give you personal tips on how to photograph these photos.

Guide map: Enchanting Prague

Vitásek Michal

Czech Republic

Michal was born in Prague and is a true Prager. Prague has formed him and taught him appreciation for urban landscape, which he still prefers in his work over untouched landscape.

Michal started taking pictures in 2003, producing his first shots of Prague. As a student, he could not afford to travel far, so we can say that his focus on Prague came from necessity. However, over time Prague got under his skin and he started seeking light.

Waking up early morning he watched Prague rise up. The time when the rising sun colors the sky and kisses the city roofs, when the first rays caress the sleepy city, became his favorite. Such moments are worth waking up for and convincing one's lazy body to leave the warm bed. He never hesitates to have these moments instead of comfort and keeps coming back for more.

Full version of the guide includes 34 additional photos.