Madeira will astonish you with its steep hills carpeted with lush laurel and eucalyptus forests, their emerald green interrupted only here and there by ribbons of narrow roads and picturesque little colonial village clinging to the hillsides. In addition to volcanic peaks and breathtaking panoramic views, the island offers waterfalls, rugged coastline with crashing waves and a sea of wild hydrangeas, strelitzias and hibiscus along the roads and thousands more in botanical gardens. The wondering herds of friendly cows and flocks of songbirds only underline the impression of being in paradise. Those who decide to explore the island’s legendary irrigation channels “levadas,” will be rewarded by fresh air perfumed by the scent of flowers, calming sound of running water, birds singing, and vistas of sunlit valleys or thick clouds moving slowly through laurel forests.

Madeira may be a small island, but its nature is incredible. This guide will tell you about interesting places, but will give no itinerary because of variable weather. Modify your daily program according to forecast for the coast or mountains.

In addition to tips on interesting places, you can browse fifty beautiful landscape photographs specifying location, camera settings and recommended equipment. You will also find practical tips on accommodation, restaurants and transport. Madeira offers high-quality services to tourists including communication in various languages and highly developed infrastructure.

Guide map: Madeira

Březina Irma

Czech Republic

Irma is an insatiable traveler with a knack for languages and endless curiosity about culture and local customs. She has spent almost 15 years with Air France/KLM, visiting many exotic places and countries. Among her favorites are Australia, Tahiti, Mexico, the US national parks and global urban gems including Paris, San Francisco and New York. Her one yet unfulfilled dream is to visit Japan.

Although Irma is a graduate of evening photography courses, she is more intuitive photographer. She relies more on her instincts when it comes to light and atmosphere than equipment and takes pictures with everything she gets her hands on, from smart phone to a point and shoot and digital SLR. She likes portraits, street life and unusual details.

She has recently left the security of a marketing department of a major corporation to dedicate all her time to what she is passionate about – Fripito. In addition to fulfilling her life-long dream of working with a close knit group of people doing something meaningful, she gets to expand her knowledge and photographic skills.

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