Magical Iceland

Magical Iceland

Iceland is a magical place that everybody should visit at least once. The concentration of beautiful nature sceneries on such a small territory is unique. This harsh northern place offers hundreds of amazing waterfalls, glaciers, colorful rock deserts, volcanoes, lakes, rugged coastlines and incredible rock formations.

Iceland is a rugged country with limited infrastructure, so it is very important to plan your trip thoroughly. The guide we prepared for you will allow you to explore Iceland in two weeks. You will not only travel around the island's perimeter, but also visit the most beautiful places in its interior. You can look forward to wonderful places such as Reykjavík, Thinkvelír, Geysir, Jokullsarlón, two dozens of beautiful waterfalls, wild coastlines, Krafla volcano, glaciers, nesting puffins and many other wonders.

The guide features two weeks long day-by-day program, 90 beautiful photos with precise location where they were taken, camera settings and equipment used. It also includes dozens of practical tips on accommodation, food, transport and other practical matters.

Guide map: Magical Iceland

Brezina Jan

Czech Republic

Professional photographer, mentor, video-caster, blogger, traveller and founder of Fripito. Jan was born in Prague, capitol of Czech Republic in communistic times. When borders finally opened, Jan started travel around globe. He visited six continents and more than 120 countries.

Jan was the first czech blogger writing about digital photography. He started this project in 1998 and from this moment had been actively promote digital photography worldwide.

Jan is member of many prestige international photo associations including IPC, PMAI, IFJ or WPPI.

He focus primary on portrait and wedding photography in commercial work and deeply love travel and landscape photography as the most personal work.

He is organizing photo workshops and photo trips for last 8 years worldwide, write about Apple and photography and teach at private and state Universities.

Jan become Apple Certified Trainer, Adobe Certified Expert and Adobe Community Professional.

Full version of the guide includes 76 additional photos.