Moravian Tuscany

Moravian Tuscany

We are going to explore this very particular region of Southern Moravia and you will find out that there isn’t anything like it anywhere else in the Czech Republic. Fields, various lines, lonely chapels, various groves and tree “islands” in the fields attract visitors from all over the Czech Republic and abroad. It is one of the most photogenic locations in the Czech Republic, where people like to go to take pictures, just like the Bohemian Switzerland. There are not that many places in the world like this region in southern Moravia. A similar landscape can be found in Tuscany (Italy), which is why this region near the town of Kyjov is called “Moravian Tuscany”.

This guide maps the beautiful landscape near Strážovice, Šardice, Karlín, Pohansko and features amazing locations of Milotice Chateau, Milotický lake, Bukovanský Mill, Kyjov, Chateau and floral garden of Kroměříž and presents the traditional St. Martin Feast in Kyjov.

More than 80 photos icl. GPS location, offline maps and useful tips for photographers.

Guide map: Moravian Tuscany

Svoboda Marek

Czech Republic

Marek Svoboda is a photographer from Kyjov, from South Moravia. He works in IT as a technician; he doesn’t do photography professionally, he is more of an enthusiast and does it merely for the love of nature, countryside, and mountains. Photography is a great hobby for him. Marek Svoboda found his way to photography already as a kid, when he spend his time hiking and touring the Czech and Slovak mountains with a group of friends. Because no one in the group took pictures, he bought a Russian camera, the LOMO Compat Automat and started taking pictures and documenting their wanders. At that time his interest was merely to document these trips, however, with time photography became his passion and he bought the analogue DSLR Practica B100. After the advent of digital photography, his first digital camera was Minolta Dimage Z1, and today he shoots with a full-frame DSLR by Canon.

His hobbies include sports, especially mountain biking and when possible, he likes to combine his sport activities with photography. He specializes mainly in landscape photography, and wildlife photography. In landscapes, he looks for opportunities to capture interesting light, to create images with special atmosphere and some depth. Therefore, he prefers to shoot in the morning or later in the evening, when the sun is low and light becomes interesting, the landscape more plastic, and the colors more saturated and warm. Often, he looks out locations and then he returns to them, when the conditions allow it.

You can find his work on, as well as on the online Czech photo gallery “Rajč“ where you can see images from individual photo shoots:; you may also follow Marek Svoboda’s work on facebook

Let’s also mention his cooperation with the photo stock server Scenerie:, Profimedia:, and the CzechTourism agency:

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