Let's embark on a journey to explore the City of Ostrava called the Steel Heart of the Republic. The third largest city in the Czech Republic was known for the mining and metallurgical industry 20 years ago. In the late 90s the city has inhibited the mining activities and Ostrava started to transform into a moderne and cultural center. The most famous event is the international multi-genre music festival Colours of Ostrava that has built up its reputation not just for the varied musical bid, but also for its stunningly unique industrial location. Every year the city organize the Golden Spike, an annual athletics event where you can cheer the best athletes such as Usain Bolt or Asafa Powell.

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Guide map: Ostrava

Jan Jasiok

Czech Republic

Since 2000, when I got my first digital camera, I have been trying to capture my surroundings. Everything changed with my first big trip abroad to the beautiful island of Bali. The mixture of colours, smells, lights, the beautiful nature and ever-smiling people made me feel like this all needed to be captured somehow. That was when I dedicated myself to photography and started seeing it differently. When shooting, I focus on the mundane. I try to blend in and shoot what is being lost in the everyday rush while being of substantial importance. Thanks to my business travels that took me to various places on this planet, I realized I had one interesting location right before my eyes – the city of Ostrava.

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