The Philippines are an unjustly overlooked destination, overshadowed by the heavily promoted Thailand. This island paradise in the Pacific Ocean deserves your attention and is definitely worth a visit. The country’s beautiful natural vistas offer volcanic rocks rising steeply from the shores, turquois lagoons and snow-white beaches devoid of people surrounded by green tropical forests. Its well-known rise terraces with an intricate irrigation system are part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

The Philippines will seduce you not only with its breathtaking nature, but also a unique native culture influenced mainly by the Spanish conquistadores and American colonists. Local traditions mix with Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. You can look forward to excellent local cuisine, dominated by rise, vegetables, fresh sea food and slow-cooked meat.

Get ready to forget all about civilization thanks to remote islands, thick tropical forests and unreliable supply of power. You will get to truly relax and enjoy your adventure.

This guide offers:

  • Information about Manila, Bohol, Palawan, Boracay, Banaue, El Nido, Tagbilaran, Panglao, Chocolate Hills, Subic Bay and Donsol
  • 25 beautiful photographs with tips
  • Information about weather, transport, accommodation, food and etc.
Guide map: Philippines

Filipi David

Czech Republic

My path as a photographer started through passion for understanding how the technology works. I was working for 4 years in Institute of Digital Photography (IDIF) in Prague and led several kinds of workshops, teaching keen photographers how to make better pictures of products, portraits or how to operate their DSLR. As a photographer, I worked for many clients satisfying their needs for product photography (L’Oreal), corporate events and cultural events (several music magazines). Even though I have been working as a journalist, project manager and director of sales and marketing, digital photography has been with me all the time. It actually started my whole career and thanks to DP I have traveled to many different places around the world and have met many interesting people. I love photography because I feel calm and peace while looking through viewfinder. All you have to be focused on is the subject. Literally. I also met the love of my life through the viewfinder :)

Most of my favorite pictures were created during several photographic workshops to South Africa, Namibia and USA.

Now I am settled in Las Vegas, looking forward for next big adventures. I also do a real estate photography in Las Vegas.

I wish you good light.

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