Welcome to Arizona

Welcome to Arizona

Arizona: cowboys, denim, desert and dreams, where the wild, wild west was won and the some of that wild still remains. With mountains and vistas that will alter your life, varied and ever-changing landscapes to tempt any photographer, and year round beauty that lures you in and keeps you here, Arizona is calling you home. Hike low in the trails among the cactus, walk a mile high on summits with elevations that steal your breath. Wade in snow melt running off the mountains. Ride a horse into the sunset, disappearing on the horizon colored so many shades of gold and orange and ochre and red that you'll be blinded by the beauty before you. Sit beneath the multitude of stars, so many they make you dizzy trying to count, and contemplate your place in this world. Visit with friends at a local brewery and enjoy culture and heritage with deep roots in Mexico. Immerse yourself in the history of the early settlers that won the west, among abandoned copper and gold mines that launched this state. Sit and watch the storms roll in, miles to go and yet suddenly upon you with a force only nature can provide. From green mountain to bustling city to dry desert to babbling creek, this is Arizona. This is the west. This is your destination.

This guide includes:

  • information about Phoenix, Sedona, Tucsone ans Flagstaff
  • 50 stunning photos with practical photo tips and authors comments
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Buck Jacquelynn

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Full version of the guide includes 33 additional photos.