Do you remember Thousand and One Nights stories? The magic and mystery from faraway countries? Now you can discover it in our new guide.

Dubai is a place where you will discover not only the traditional Muslim culture, picturesque architecture, local customs and diverse markets, but also a place that will amaze you with its multiculturalism and modernity. Thanks to the support of Arabian visionaries the incredible buildings of the future were created in one city. The town abounds in modern skyscrapers of glass and metal, interior gleams with gold and all the best attractions abound in the world. Top skyscraper, best mall, best aquarium, marina with luxury yachts and most obviously, we must not forget the artificially constructed island, which is visible from space.Dont forget to add the endless beaches and turquoise sea and azure sky.

Renata Burianova, author of the guide, reveals a personal tips on accommodation, restaurants, cafes and local markets and shopping centers. Guide also includes 32 exclusive photos with GPS location and tips for photographers and offline maps.

Guide map: Dubai

Burianova Renata

Czech Republic


I was introduced to photography by my dad, when I was 13. He let me try his FLEXARET and I spent my evenings in the dark room. Then there was my ZENIT, which got stolen. Studying at the university, having children and a book-keeping office, I did not have much time or money. I stopped shooting for a long time. Then I was given Adope Photoshop by my husband, followed by a DSLR and lens. The passion returned very fast and I once again fell in love with photography. I only work with the Canon brand. I am charmed by the possibilities in this field in relation to IT technology. I am becoming a collector of applications and post-processing programmes. I am not one of the photographers who do not process their pictures, I am happily making use of all the new tools – both software and hardware. Photographer’s hand should be steady. Mine is not. I was visited by Mr Parkinson about five years ago and presented with Parkinson’s disease, young onset. I am thus among those few patients struck with the disease before reaching 40. Some pictures are not sharp enough and this is why. I try to compensate for my handicap by using faster shutter speeds. Photography helps me find joy in every day and so I photograph and I am here!

Full version of the guide includes 16 additional photos.