Ireland is one of the favorite European destinations for anybody who loves photography and especially landscapes. Ireland is rich of wide green pastures, uncontaminated areas and natural parks, especially on the western side of the country, where you can find a lot of beautiful cliffs and wild areas facing the ocean.

In the guide you get more than 50 photos incl. GPS location, offline map, many travel tips and practical advices for all photographers.

Guide map: Ireland

D'Alesio Gianluca


I am an amateur photographer living in Milan, Italy. I have been shooting photos for many years but photography has become a real passion when I bought my first Nikon DSLR camera in 2009. Since then photography has been a source of inspiration and it has taught me to look at the world in a different way, observing it rather than just looking at it. Being an electronic engineer with a programming background I have always been focused on technical matters but finally I got the chance to discover my artistic side. Photography has been a reason to travel and visit new places, meet different cultures and see the beauty of nature. My passion has grown over the years and has pushed me to move to a FF camera in 2016. If many years ago I used to take pictures during my travels now things are going the opposite way and I plan my travels depending on what I want to shoot.

I like several photographic genres: landscape, street, macro, portrait and more. They all have different characteristics but they all own something to learn from, giving me an opportunity to experiment and grow more and more.

I have always thought it is better to share a personal travel experience rather than just photos. Through the years I have seen a lot of beautiful pictures and I have forgot a lot of them, but the stories I heard from some photographers are still clear in my mind and they are my real inspiration. Inspiration, that's the best thing a travel photography can communicate. Inspiration to travel, inspiration to discover, inspiration to meet people. Inspiration is what I'm trying to spread through my personal website since the beginning. When I came across Fripito App I thought it would have been nice to join the team and broaden my audience.

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Full version of the guide includes 35 additional photos.