Wine and Sun under Palava Hills

Wine and Sun under Palava Hills

Palava is an amazing sunny piece of land in South Moravia where a white limestone cliff towers over an otherwise flat landscape. This protected landscape area is interwoven with many hiking trails that take you to the vineyards, blossoming meadows, floodplain forests and romantic medieval castle ruins: Kozí hrádek, Sirotčí hrádek and Děvičky.

You can admire the beautiful views of the city of Mikulov offered from the dominant natural landmark of Svatý kopeček; discover hidden caves such as Na Turoldu and Liščí díra, climb the rock formation of Kočičí kámen, or enjoy the beauty of the mountain Stolová hora. And of course, we will not forget the real historical pearl of South Moravia - Lednice-Valtice chateau complex surrounded by an incredible park which you can find near the Palava hills.

Explore Palava on foot or a bike and don't forget to taste the delicious wine of the warmest and sunniest region of the Czech Republic.

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Miklín Jan

Czech Republic

A Czech geographer and photographer. Comes from the town of Břeclav and works as a lecturer at the Faculty of Science, University of Ostrava, where he focuses on cartography and landscape ecology. He took up photography in 2003 and focuses mainly on landscape and travel photography. His work is regularly published in many Czech geography, science, and travel magazines (e.g. Cocktail, Nature, Outdoor). He is also the chief editor of a stylish magazine Travelfocus. His photographs (especially those from southern Moravia) appear regularly in promotional materials of the Czech Tourism Agency, and he is the author of several sets of postcards, which many of them were awarded as the best Czech postcard. He also leads photography workshops in Pálava. He likes to travel with a camera in hand, especially to the mountains; he likes to travel back to the high mountains of Central Asia (Ladakh, Kyrgystan) or South America. web:

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