London, South of the River

London, South of the River

Diverse, historic & multi-cultural, London is a photographer’s playground. You’ll find fascinating architecture, a wide range of markets all with their own character; maybe you like capturing images of locals & visitors interacting with the many activities on offer? It can all be found in this exciting & vibrant city. But where do we begin?

London is vast, we can spend long hours trying to work out a suitable itinerary for our photography, we need to know where to go & when. Using this guide you’ll get to some great locations but how about specialist photographic information such as technical tips & other practical advice? Wouldn’t it be a shame to produce images identical to every other visitor? The guide will help with these issues also.

This first guide in my series will take you on a photographic exploration that starts at London’s Southbank by the iconic London Eye & heads east towards Waterloo Bridge with its famous book fair & energetic skate-park. Keeping to the banks of the River Thames we’ll explore the Tate Modern art gallery, Millennium Bridge & Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. There’s nowhere quite like Borough Market, a great place for street photography & fabulous food, you’ll be spoilt for choice on both counts.

Taking a small detour off the main tourist route you’ll be able to wander through the cobblestoned walkways of Shad Thames & the back streets of London with the echoes of a bygone age. These are the areas where you’re results will look completely different from the regular holiday shots we’re all familiar with.

City Hall, the home of the Mayor of London, & Tower Bridge are the next highlights of the route. We’ll even show you how to get to the only cable car that crosses the river, you’ll have chance to take some aerial photography of the cityscape.

The guide’s route finishes by the O2 Arena & close to the Thames Barrier. You could make this a whole day adventure but there are so many vibrant activities to take in, & characters to see along the way, it’s more than likely that you’ll prefer to explore these areas day by day. With photography in mind there are plenty of tips to help you get the most form your trip including when to switch to manual mode, why & how to take great pictures of some of the city’s most iconic structures at night.

Guide map: London, South of the River

Hines Shaun

United Kingdom

Shaun Hines is a professional photographer, author and tutor from London.

Having experienced a diverse career within the field, including travel, commercial and PR photography, it is education that most interests him most now.

Shaun finds sharing knowledge enjoyable and very rewarding, outlets for his teaching include tutoring in London, various blogs covering topics such as street photography and beginners level tuition and the launch of his first interactive eBook.

In 2011 Shaun was awarded his BA (hons.) degree in photography, an academic experience that has added further to his knowledge of the subject from a fine art, documentary and conceptual perspective.

They say that success is part down to preparation. If you’d like a one or two hour personal photo tutorial while on your visit please contact me through the website listed below. The link will also take you to further information on my award-winning book eBook ‘Unravelling the Mysteries of the Little Black Box’. Compatible with iMacs or iPads, I promise you this is a photography manual like no other!

Full version of the guide includes 29 additional photos.