Everybody should visit Tuscany at least once in a lifetime! Imagine the amazing landscape with gently rolling hills in the sunset light or sunken in the morning mist, vast olive grove, high lean cypress and stone farmhouses and medieval castles surrounded by vineyards and sunflowers fields. Scenic historic cities famous for its art such as Florence, Sienna, Pisa ... Great wine, delicious food and irresistible ice cream ... All this and much more you can find in our Tuscany guide. Get accurate GPS of all the stunning locations and very useful tips for photographers …

More than 70 photos incl. GPS locations, offline map and personal tips for photographers.

Guide map: Tuscany

Emil Čelustka

Czech Republic

A photographer, lecturer, author of several technology articles, traveler, climber and a big lover of the rolling Tuscan landscape. Emil is originally from Brno, works in IT, and has been doing landscape photography since 2004.

He started taking pictures of mountains, especially the Austrian Alps and, as typical for him, mountain peaks soon stopped being enough. So, he started to learn facts about the mountains, the names of the peaks, their elevation, and soon started hiking and climbing. Up to today, he has climbed over 130 mountain summits of 3,000 meters (9,843 ft) or more above sea level, mainly in the Alps, and has become a walking encyclopedia.

His love for Tuscany began in similar fashion and he has been traveling to Tuscany since 2006. Since his first visit, he has spent thousands of hours searching for new locations (on maps, on the internet and on the site) and has been collecting information on individual farms, sights and towns.

In 2016, he started the Moravian Tuscany website and since then he has been actively promoting the rolling hills of the South Moravian countryside (both on website and facebook). In the same year, he started similar project,

Full version of the guide includes 58 additional photos.