Overlooked by tourists, yet amazing. Taiwan is the most beautiful East Asian island located between Philippines and Japan. Its nature will amaze you with the diversity. You can admire massive mountains on the East part of island, mountain lakes, wild steep coastlines and sandy beaches, dense forests and hot springs, and many Japanese and Chinese temples and monuments. The island is also famous for its culinary specialties.

In the guide you will get 120 stunning photos incl. GPS location, offline map, many travel tips and practical advices for all photographers.

Guide map: Taiwan

Martin Hájek

Czech Republic

I was born in the Czech Republic, but it was Asian continent that was always attracting me. And so one day I moved 9.000 km to the east, to “Ilha Formosa”, better known as Taiwan, which became my second home. From here I often travel to the surrounding Asian countries, not only for private trips, but also as a tourist guide. Over the past eight years, I have traveled all around Taiwan so many times and I like to share my joy and experiences from this beautiful island through photos and videos. Taiwan, with its friendly people, modern cities and beautiful nature, is a great place not only for living, but also for photography and so my camera has become a solid content (and sometimes annoying load) of my backpack. My photography journey has begun during my high school studies. First I was shooting on film and later on digital cameras - from simple "soap boxes” I got to current DSLRs. I do not focus on any particular photo style. At home in Taipei I like street and architecture photography and when hiking high mountains I shoot (suprisingly) landscapes. Perhaps it could be called travel photography… If you would like to join me on a (photo) trip around Taiwan, then you can find me on social networks where I often share photos and news from Taiwan. Or just give me a call and I will be happy to take you around… Welcome to Taiwan!

Full version of the guide includes 104 additional photos.