Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora

Kutná Hora, situated in the region of Central Bohemia, is beautiful medieval town with narrow winding streets and scenic panoramic views. During its heyday it was the second most important town after the City of Prague. In the early 14th century the medieval town of Kutná Hora became, thanks to the silver mining, the seat of royal mint and has been producing the silver groschen famous in the middle Europe. The town became a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1995 and you can explore many historic sites starting with the symbol of Kutná Hora - the unique late Gothic Cathedral of St. Barbara. However besides, the city offers a truly unique experience.You can go through the narrow mining tunnel and experience the same feelings like a medieval miner.

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Petr Civiš

Czech Republic

Petr Civiš was born and spent most of his life in Kutná Hora. He has been interested in music and photography since his youth. He started with analog photography and only after the boom of digital cameras he fully dedicated himself to capturing the world around him. Although surrounded by Gothic monuments and forced to be physically active, he became more and more fascinated by the miniature world of invertebrates and small vertebrates and dedicated all of his free time to their study. This led him to study ecology at a university in Prague, where in 2013 he successfully completed his doctoral studies. Petr found a job at Nikon, and has been working in the microscopic division till now. Since then, he dedicates his free time to traveling and underwater photography. The city of Kutná Hora still takes up a big place in his heart and that is why he tried to celebrate and capture its beauty in this photo guide. For more information about the author, visit his personal website, or contact him on social media

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